Referral Partner Program


Fix and Flippers has multiple relationships with private lenders across the US, these lenders specialize in providing Fix and Flip and Rental Home loans to investors at “Soft Money” rates, these are higher than conventional mortgages but less than standard “Hard Money” terms that are often very expensive products.

  • These kinds of products are being offered more often by private investors in response to the credit crunch environment in banking currently.
  • Fix and Flippers has a very active Lending Circle that wants to make loans to new and experienced investors.
  • The real estate market has really exploded in key markets nationwide; we are positioned in most States to provide a loan for business purposes.
  • Some States require licensing, other States do not, as these are not consumer loans, they are only for business/investment use.
  • The Programs are very simple; you can learn them in one day.


A Referral Partner has tremendous flexibility and opportunity!

  • You can work from anywhere and anytime you’d like.
  • We can make loans in all States
  • You can be trained to present these programs to investors.

Duties are focused on marketing to your network, both personal and professional, using Social Media, Internet Posting, Word of Mouth, Print Marketing, Email Marketing.

Make introduction to the Fix and Flippers closing team. We’ll further handle the loan and keep you in the loop!

In this business, fees are paid in flat fees.

We are paid at closing; you will be paid shortly after funds are dispersed and processed/cleared through the bank.

It is choice as to how much you contribute to each file, if you are experienced and bring complete files, you’ll get the large portion of the fee available, if you refer a name and number/email, and our team handles the application, gathering of documentation needed to close the loan, and closes the loan, you’ll get a smaller (but substantial) referral fee.

It takes anywhere between 7 days to a month or two to close a loan depending upon many factors.

Minimum Loan amount is $45,000 and No real Max with the right operators, short term, between 6-12 months, or long-term, up to 30 years. No minimum credit score.

Market Outlook

After this past Recession has left a large amount of properties on the market in dilapidated condition, Flippers are running to this Gold Rush and this summer will be epic.

The Perfect Storm is taking place: Private lenders are actively looking for ways to shelter taxes and protect their wealth, so investing it is essential, and property rehabbers are desperately searching out funding alternatives once their credit union or bank turns them away. We’ll be there to bridge the gap.

These loans are quick to fund, capital is plentiful and borrowers are all around…probably right next door.

Real Estate operates in cycles, we are in the middle of this cycle and can cement our reputations as the go-to source for Investor Loans.

If this interests you and you want to move forward, Inquire Below.