Deploy your Lazy or Under-Performing funds to Trust Deed Investments

Do you have funds that you need to spend this year?

Do you enjoy the returns from real estate investments?

Investing in Trust Deed investments are a good way to reduce the risks of inexperience, avoid the hands on day-to-day exposure to the management of the project and servicing of the loan, while still enjoying high returns of up to 13% per annum.

In order for most investors to feel comfortable in this position, they need to feel very confident in the hard money broker or lender and their ability to provide a high-class investment vehicle that is safe and dependable.

I have developed a relationships with many of these such brokers, mortgage companies and lenders who are worthy of a referral.

These lenders, mortgage companies has many years in the business and have built tremendous businesses & reputations for being closers and preferred-lenders among the industries elite. Their referral sources are loyal and provides steady repeat business that affords them an overflow of business. Good problem to have.

They are looking for investors for trust deed investments.

They work with individuals, corporations, pension plans or IRAs. They are experts at matching private investor funds with low risk, high yield, secured by hard asset; loan opportunities. They have a solid system in place that allows investors to earn between 8%-13% per annum, compared to the low-interest rates currently being offered by banks.

  • Each property is physically inspected by a contractor.
  • Originating $5M-$20M per month in loans
  • They focus on non-owner-occupied, fix and flips & commercial properties in California, and Nationwide.
  • The investors all receive a full due-diligence package which includes: 1003, credit, appraisal, comps, preliminary report, escrow instructions, D/L or Photo ID, lease agreements, income documents, etc.. This of course will provide the details to prove that the transaction is a good opportunity.
  • They usually handle servicing unless you prefer it.
  • Escrow and Title is always ordered and used with each transaction.
  • If things don’t go exactly as planned with the borrower and they default, the acceleration clauses in the contract handled by the leading foreclosure services, they will gain control of the property and complete the remaining rehab and get the property turned over for you! You gain all the profit.

Gap Lenders Needed!

I’m also looking for Investors who want to invest in 2nd Trust Deeds, who have between $25K-$500K to deploy NOW on primarily California Non-Owner Occupied & Commercial loans. But we are also working with borrowers Nationwide who are in need as well.

Every lender wants to make loans to the best operators: they have lots of experience, stable business models and capital reserves..but the catch 22 is: these guys already have lender relationships, one that offers (too good to pass up) terms, usually 90%-100% of their acquisition costs, 100% of their rehab costs, and interest reserves to cover the payments for 6 months.

So the best way for a lender to work with the best operators is to come in as a Gap lender in 2nd position, but since the interest payments are covered on the 1st TD and rehab budgets are controlled, it offers a great opportunity to make a safe loan with a high return.
Usually the Gap loans are from $100k-$500k and short-term, 6-12 months, they may cover closing costs, rehab or costs to acquire permits and plans, which would enable the next stage of funding.

If you want to deploy your funds in trust deed investments, contact me below.